By profession Deepak Kumar Maurya is a Practicing Chartered Accountant, having close experience of Herbal and Ayurvedic products manufacturing and consumer Industries, and worked as Financial and Legal Advisor of many Companies in this sector. He is among the Founder Member of RESPO LIFE RESEARCH AND MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED and behind the basic ideas and structure of company.

From The Desk of Deepak Kumar Maurya Ji :-

- Respo Life have very young and motivated team who dare to take ambitious and bold decision in favor of society and our sole motive is to make you able to take your 100% responsibility of your Life whether it regarding your child’s and family Health, education, good life and all those things which make them happy and at that day we will think we achieve our goal.


Rajeev Kumar have a very vast experience in Ayurveda and Herbal Product’s Manufacturing Line and been the part of so many product R&D team which are now very big brands. He is among the promoters of company and will have product development, manufacturing and quality segment of company with resolution to provide best product to the Society.

From the desk of Rajeev Kumar Ji :-

It is the right of the society to have best product for the money they spent and Respo Life takes this responsibility to provide best product at affordable cost with belief that business is only a part of society and if society become rich and healthy the business will.


Raj Narayan Singh is Graduate with versatile personality he is Networker and having a vast knowledge of Network Marketing Industries, he gave a hues effort to development of Market and Network program of company as founder member, he is great thinker and belief that Such type of Marketing this company have is future marketing technique and no one can be isolate himself from it in future.

From the desk of Rah Narayan Singh:-

“Business is the controller i.e. game changer of the economy and thus society and if business is done with the view of betterment and welfare of people it can change the lifestyle of whole society with own growth and The “Respo Life” will prove it”


Shri Bhagwan Dagar is a Qualified Chartered Accountant and currently he is engaged in his Gold Business and achieved a great success in very short span of time, he is among founder member and his experience always help the company in taking good decisions.

From the Desk of Shri Bhagwan Dagar Ji :-

“There is no meaning of success in the age when you can’t enjoy it, so don’t invest your time on the things which make you rich when you become physically poor”

(Chartered Accountant by profession and Leader cum Motivator by passion.)

Qualified Chartered Accountancy form The Institute Accountants of India, New Delhi. He has worked in the top most accounting and consultancy firms of the world. Having work on exposure on automobile, Telecom, Banking and various manufacturing and service industries across India and abroad. He is the one of the founder member of RESPO LIFE RESEARCH AND MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED and behind the basic ideas and structure of this company.

From the desk of Ca Anup Kumar Ji:-

I have traveled across India to lean the tradition and culture of our country. During my journey across India, one thing I noticed which is common to all. “NO ONE IS SATISFIED WITH HIS JOB OR BUSINESS” irrespective of the size, nature and volume of business/job. Everyone is having some sort of problem with respect of his job/ business, which I have also faced during the tenor of my job. Hence, I along with my team have come with a vision to provide job security, financial freedom along job satisfaction without any investment. Hoping the best and seeking your blessing to fulfill our dreams.


Dinesh Chhillar is one of the founder Member of RESPO LIFE RESEARCH AND MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED. With over fifteen year of professional experience in management, currently he is heading as a Director of two multinational companies in India “S-Net Freight (India) Pvt. Ltd. (A Singapore Based Company) & Jet Speed Global Transport (India) Pvt. Ltd. (A Hong Kong Based company). He is holding Master of Business Administration degree in “International Business Management” and did his graduation from Delhi University in Commerce & Accounting. In addition, he holds a “Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA)”. He is well versed with contemporary accounting system and has good understanding of international freight business.

From the Desk of Denesh Chhillar Ji :-

- Respo life is something beyond a business, it is a step to help you with a business and to create a platform where you can pursue your dreams when company will trying to seek its growth. The basic idea is to blend your growth in growth of company.